Pushing boundaries, designing value added solutions.

I'm Danil Rekhtin, an industrial designer based in Prague, Czech Republic, EU. I graduated from the renowned Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design UMPRUM. With experience working for design studios and as a subcontractor, I excel in delivering high-value solutions and responding to requests of my clients and co-workers.

Working with conventional, modern and additive production technologies, supporting the DIY, Open Source and Start-ups communities and working for local companies as an external design studio. I'm based on small teams of designers and engineers working together.

Technology Centre Mikulandska is our working base, where we use the capacity of there are modern equipment and workshops. This allow independently create the majority of mock-ups and prototypes under our own control and at a fast tempo under strict info&data protection.

clients & cooperation
Matapo a.s. - Blindshell
R&D, Design, Concept of product

R&D, Design cooperation, Concepts, Visualization services

3Dees Industries s.r.o.
ČVUT.FEL | CTU in Prague

R&D, Design, Concept of product, DesignBlok 22

TP2 s.r.o.
ČVUT.FEL | CTU in Prague

R&D, Design, Concept of product

Halla a.s.
R&D, Design, Concept of product - unrealised

Mikovec design s.r.o.
Visualization, 3D concept design

Lavazza. Lavazza Group
Tender, Design of product

Chicco. Artsana Group
Design and ergonomic study

Autec srl
R&D, Design, Concept of product

Urmet S.p.A.
R&D, Design, Concept of product

cotu s.r.o.
Design support, 3D CAD services and data processing
other cooperations
Installation: MIC
sponsoring: 3Dees Industries s.r.o.
Czech Technical University in Prague

Metro for Prague
Skoda Transportation a.s.
UMPRUM | AAAD in Prague
ČVUT | CTU in Prague

Design and ergonomic study, Cooperation, TA ČR

for sw and hw info, see process

about me

I'm happily married. I do regular sport. I read, I write, I listen. I love old fashion rock, jazz & blues. I love nature and sometime just jump in the car and hit the road. I value relationships. I try to keep a hard work - good life balance.

On the one hand, I work with complex processes and technologies, using high-tech SW and HW, which I sometimes program myself, but at the same time I prefer a simple Braun quartz watch, an analogue alarm clock, a Jony Ive's time iPhone, a simple bluetooth speaker and a paper diary alongside of the digital cal.

I value my time and time of my clients, colleagues and investors. I concentrate on the tasks, as much as possible, because I know the value of it. Still prefer clear and structured phone calls. I manage my time well, replying to emails fast, but strictly in time allotted to it.

All of this helps me to keep focus and also to keep me, my clients and my co-workers happy with the fast progress of our work and the great results we achieve together.

I do this job well, because I love it. That's the simple truth.
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